How much do you charge?

I wish the answer was black and white. Please CONTACT US and we will gladly create a personalized quote based on your needs. Depending on what you require, our packages start at $4000, and our a la carte options begin at $400.

How can I get a quote and will it change from your starting price?

Because each wedding/event is indeed different, the prices you see on our website are starting costs. We do not offer quotes until we get a chance to chat with you and discuss your needs. Some events are very straightforward and are quoted at, or close to our starting costs, while some events are more complex and require extra work, staffing and time.  Let's chat and talk about your event so that we can give you a solid quote. Our focus is creating an experience for you from the very beginning and most certainly on your event day. We may charge a bit more than others, but what you are getting is 100% peace of mind knowing that you and your guests will be taken care of by a planner, designer, professional coordinators and a trained team with great experience, fabulous service and love from our trusted colleagues.  We become confidants, hand-holders, and a team who will bat for you.

What should I budget for my wedding?

This is a complex question because again... every wedding is different with various guest counts and needs. Generally, our clients with 100+ guests who select packages that include Planning + Design + Coordination estimate a wedding day minimum of $500 per person events. Clients with more complex events and are looking for very high end locations should budget a minimum of $850++ per person.

Do you have reviews?

Yes. Not only do we have reviews, we have amazing reviews. You can view our clients' praises by visiting our WEDDINGWIRE page. 

What is your design style?

We do not have a particular style and pride ourselves in having the ability to cater to every client. This is also the reason why we don't believe in trends. Your wedding is yours and no "current trend" should dictate it. We have designed everything from modern, eclectic, rustic, vintage, elegant ... you name it, we can do it. HOWEVER, we do have a niche in creation of unique weddings that fit our clients' passions. So, let's set aside Pinterest for a bit and conjure up something totally awesome that represents YOU and your main squeeze.

Do you work with LGBTQ  couples?

What kind of a question is this? This shouldn't even be a friggin' question. We happily support the LGBTQ's community in the pursuit to love and marry and are featured in spotlight on GAYWEDDINGS.COM

What kind of clients do you like working with?

Wow, thanks for asking! We are probably one of the easiest planners to work with, seriously! We LOVE working with clients that are "good folk" in whatever shape, size, background, form or occupation that comes in. We want to make sure that you can be confident in trusting us, and we can all have fun creating your event. We absolutely love couple who like to explore outside of the box, but also love those who can appreciate traditional beauty. We only take a very limited number of clients per year to assure care. 


We work best with couples who will allow us to take the reigns, while they enjoy the ride and all the "fun stuff". We can definitely handle self-confessed Type A personalities, but paranoid Bridezillas, Groomzillas, Momzillas or Dadzillas need not contact us. So basically... no a-holes, please.

I live out of the area, how do we keep in touch?

About 90% of our clients are from other cities. The Central Coast offers so much that it truly is a destination wedding hot spot. We keep in touch with you via email, phone, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype or any other convenient methods available to each party. If you have a homing pigeon, show us how to work it and we'll make it happen.

Do you have vendors that you prefer working with? 

The honest truth is, every vendor has certain colleagues that they prefer working with. However, we do not believe in working with the same vendor for the sake of working with the same vendor. Our top priority is your event and hiring the appropriate people who will fit both style and budget. For the sake of your wedding, we do make a simple request that all vendors we work with (other than the officiant, who may be a family member or friend) are professional and legitimate in the wedding industry. 



"One of the best planners that I have the pleasure of working with.  Great vision and follow through.  Incredible staff.  Months before and day of.  Early morning to late night, they have the strength and stamina to get it done!"

-Elaine Danicic, Catering Director, Taste Catering


"Le Festin Events = real, raw, and badass event planners that deliver (not pizza but super high quality service)."

-Melissa Kramer, Co-Owner, Kramer Events

"Le Festin Events! Smart, fun, organized, get sh*t done, no detail left unattended- all rolled into one burrito... a really awesome and spicy burrito."

-Lori Ralph, Owner & Designer, Lori Boe Floral Designs


"I LOVE working with Korinna and her team!!  She's always on point and it enhances my ability to set a great vibe with music so much when she's involved because she gets me the details I need in the best possible way - I always feel more comfortable when she's the coordinator.  Definitely worth it and then some if you have a specific vision and need someone to help make it happen - she's the best!!"

-Dan Curcio, Entertainer, Moonshiner Collective/Come Alive Entertainment


“You have Korinna, she's like super woman of wedding planners!” 

- Jeffrey San Juan, Photographer/Owner, Jeffrey San Juan Photography

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