So, you’re thinking about a canna wedding OR private event? Right on, we’re with you. You probably also have a few questions about how to create one that would be executed nicely, and of course, legally.

We are excited to bring our clients planning for cannabis-friendly weddings and private gatherings. We believe that cannabis can be nicely added to your event with responsibility, education, safety, fun, and creativity in mind, especially for first-time participants! We want to show you that marijuana is and can indeed be awesome and beautiful.


Whether you would like to be discreet or have this front and center, we're ready to go with the flow. We are happy to steer you in the right direction from bringing like-minded professional vendors, ensuring that you are abiding by the law (THE DUDE ABIDES), and making all guests comfortable (including those that do not partake).

We are also proud to be a part of Love and Marij as a "First 420 Wedding Pioneer". Click HERE to check out our detailed blog post.

Let’s take away the stigma and let’s chat!

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