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LE FESTIN MEANS "the feast" (pronounced: fɛstɛ̃) in French, because a wedding is more than just pretty things - it's one fabulous celebration. 


LE FESTIN MEANS "the feast" (pronounced: fɛstɛ̃) in French, because a wedding is more than just pretty things - it's one fabulous celebration. 


This is exactly why our focus is creating an EXPERIENCE for you and your guests. We want to make your special day truly enjoyable and memorable; something your guests can look back on and say, "WOW, that was such an awesome time and everything was amazing!" We want to present you with a feast, not only for your eyes, but for your stomachs, your ears, and your heart.

How do we do this? Well, we take a very limited number of clients each year to ensure attention and care. YOU are important to us and your big day is not just another event. Our niche is OUT-OF-THE-BOX gatherings, from elegant ultra-modern chic, sweet and romantic tales, to eclectic bohemian wedding festivals with two shakes of spice. Our couples have walked out to their ceremonies in designer gowns to thrift shop finds. We are experts in private estate, winery, ranch and hotel/resorts weddings. We also offer canna-friendly planning for our couples. Throw us your "crazy" ideas and we are so willing and happy to explore how we can make them possible.

We are humbled to write that our work has been featured in many magazines and website publications. We pride ourselves in being able to create weddings that reflect our couples’ interests and passions, rather than the latest trend. We don’t believe in trends, but we do believe in creating amazing parties, however YOU define it. So, come and dream, get creative, indulge in yummy foods and drinks - we know how to make everything fit and take it back down-to-Earth when needed and we're with you every step of the way!


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Tattoo'd, fast-talking, tell-it-like-it-is, grounded dreamer, energetic, bucket o' fun wedding planner and designer. I know the business, I love my craft, and I want to make your special day LEGEND- (wait for it) -DERY.


I'm extremely laid back and open, but any previous clients or colleagues will attest that we are all business come your big day. Our clients are pretty awesome, and we make getting to your special day a happy ride. 

I feel like so much of selecting a wedding planner is similar to dating, so if you want to see me in a nutshell, without looking at my experience (which you really still should because that's what will make or break it), you can skip right down to the "NUTSHELL" below.


I was still in college and only 20 years old when I began my career in corporate events and restaurant management for successful establishments in Los Angeles, CA. When most students were out partying or buried in books, I was working 6 days a week with very long hours, but the experience and knowledge I gained was immense. I have paid my dues!

In 2006, a dear friend asked me to help her plan, design, and coordinate her elaborate wedding for 300 guests in a private estate. From that moment, I fell in love with this fun work and it wasn't long before I switched from planning corporate events to weddings. Aside from the excitement of creating, for me, it is an honor to be trusted with the first day of a couple's married life and to ensure that their guests from near and far have a great time.

10+ years later in the industry, I am still in love with weddings and celebrations. I am still passionate about what I do and butterflies still fill my heart when I see my couples hand-in-hand during their ceremony for the first time. On occasion, I've been caught by my assistants tearing up during vow exchanges. I love that weddings can still do that, because they truly are the sweetest!

I genuinely believe that every couple, every client, can have an amazing wedding, all it takes is creativity, smarts, a whole lot of love... and let's face it, a team with experience that know what they're doing!


Design style: EVERYTHING! I usually love anything you can throw at me (except Mason Jars - it's dead... let's not go there). You want something totally elegant and classic? SURE! You want a wedding festival with picnic blankets and roaming food? LET'S DO IT! At the end of the day, no matter what style the wedding is, my clients always have these 3 things things in common... 1) LOVE OF GREAT FOOD & DRINKS // 2) LOVE OF ENTERTAINING & CREATING AN EXPERIENCE // 3) LOVE OF THEIR FRIENDS AND FAMILY

Favorite ice cream flavor: Hazelnut (gelato!)

Favorite place visited: Each country and city has it's own charm, but I have to go with Rome - she has a little bit of everything and let's face it... Italian culture is awesome, ok?

One item on the bucket list: It's more like a series of items, but it is to live in a different country or city every year for a few months.

What you never leave home without: I'd love to write something profound here, like "a sense of adventure", but nope - it's my phone. 

Favorite band or musician: Tie between Bjork, Portishead and Radiohead

Favorite painter: Frida Kahlo por vida

Favorite Cocktail: Slightly dirty martini, Chopin, 3 olives ...  or a heavy Scotch... Lagavulin neat

Something not too many people know: I speak 4 languages horribly, used to be a trip hop singer, will break into a prank or song at any moment (I AM the type to sing a song related to phrase or word someone just said), obsessed with Italian shoes, can eat North Indian food and sushi all day... every day.

When not at a wedding Korinna is probably: Traveling, eating well, in my cozy corner with candles lit and curled up with my Kindle, or rearranging plants. It's an addiction people... but mama likes her oxygen.

Dislikes: Small talk



Rainbows, lollipops, moonbeams and a whole lot of kick booty. Krysta has been in event planning for 5+ years and has worked many venues from Santa Barbara to San Miguel. You can add Oahu to the list as well!

Krysta earned her Professional Wedding and Event Planning Certification Program from Cal Poly and has been involved in well-known venues throughout San Luis Obispo. Her background is both in corporate events and weddings, so she is a total dynamite when dealing with any situation. Her rapport with people of various backgrounds, cultures and professions allow her to work beautifully with everyone she meets.

From Krista:  I grew up in Santa Barbara, California. I was always felt like a bit of an old soul. Whether it was a team dinner or a themed party I was always bringing people together to entertain. I was never one for attending the big parties, but hosting an intimate gathering was my jam! I loved creating favors, setting the table, making 

bouquets from the yard and picking out the menu. I even did this for every family gathering.


I have always been curious about family dynamics, traditions, and cultures. When I was 18 I took a month long trip to Europe with my best friend. I tasted every delicacy there was and immersed myself into every "local" thing I could experience while visiting each country. That was the birth of my passion for traveling. I made a promise to myself to see a different part of the world every year, and I have stayed true to that.


I majored in Early Childhood Education in College, taught preschool, loved every second of it, but continued to find myself dreaming of the next party I could plan. Weddings have always held a special place in my heart, even from a little girl. I remember playing "wedding" with my Barbies and cutting photos out of magazines to make wedding vision boards as a young girl. I never thought it could be a real career, but as I got older I began to realize I had the option to design the life I want. That was when I left teaching to work for a wedding venue.


Here I am today, doing everything I loved as a child and loving every moment of it. 

Favorite ice cream flavor: Oatmeal Cookie Halo Top 

Favorite place visited:  Even tie between, Australia, Switzerland & Greece 

One item on the bucket list: Climb to the top of Machu Picchu

What you never leave home without: Mascara 

Favorite band or musician: Red Hot Chili Peppers 

Favorite painter or visual artist: Hannah Adamaszek and Pablo Neruda is my favorite poet 

When not at a wedding Krista is probably: Traveling or planning my next adventure